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Toronto Wellness Brands You Should be Following

Toronto Wellness Brands You Should be Following

At Social By Nature we play an integral part in the Toronto wellness community by helping brands tell their story through visually appealing and engaging content. We love collaborating with like minded people being able to mix our passion for this industry with our digital and design expertise. In short, we are creators.

We have all faced our own opportunities and challenges on our wellness journeys that have shaped our outlook and goals. It’s the telling of our experiences and sharing of our knowledge that attract more and more people to contribute to this community. We are all bonded by our deep passion to produce and share a holistic perspective of health and continue to positively shape our wellness community platforms. The Social By Nature team is honoured to be a part of this community and we can’t wait to continue on this journey keeping a keen eye for new trends and meeting more amazing people.

We wanted to give a special shout out to some other creators who are owning the content game creating inspiring, educational, and motivational content for their audiences. If you’re not already following them, you should be!

Well To Do


There’s always so much going on in the health and wellness scene in Toronto, the ladies of Social By Nature like to scroll Well To Do’s platforms to keep up with all of the amazing events, trends, and new unique ways to get your sweat on in the city. Well To Do is quite literally a go to guide for all things wellness and fitness. If you want to know about everything from the best natural deodorant, why everyone’s so obsessed with collagen, or how to take part in the newest workout trend, go follow them or sign up for their weekly newsletter at! We admire Alyssa and Eme so much for the amazing community they’ve created through their dedication to keeping up with all things wellness here in the Six.

BootCamps for Change


Bootcamps for Change is doing incredible things both online and in the local community. If you want to get your sweat on and support a good cause keep an eye out for their next event. Owner Katie Heggtveit created Bootcamps for Change to bring likeminded people together building a community focused on supporting underprivileged youth in Canada and helping them rise above their circumstances. Bootcamps for Change facilitates in shelter fitness and wellness programs for homeless youth while raising money to pay for fitness certifications and giving these children the opportunity to connect with local opportunities and jobs in the wellness field.

They are currently undergoing a marketing facelift and we can’t wait to see the new and amazing things that happen surrounding their brand. Did we mention our girl Katie was even nominated for the Mindful Millennial notable award?! Give this inspiring lady a follow and keep an eye out for their local events so you can get #SweatierForTheBetter!

Want to get involved? Email

Sweat In The Six


Sweat in the six features two beautiful influencers Elinor & Sarah who boldly put themselves out there everyday and create fantastic content reviewing all places to #sweatinthesix. Their Instagram feed is a look inside their healthy lifestyle and is filled with healthy snacks, inspirational quotes and the latest workout clothes. We are in love with their radical honesty and the fact they both got engaged at the same time. Talk about best friend #goals. Elinor and Sarah give us their hands-on experiences covering everything from health, fitness, and fashion. They are all about those positive vibes and women supporting women reminding us that a good sweat and moderation goes a long way. Seriously though, I don’t think there is a gym, studio, or class they haven’t tried! Check them out for some great ideas for your next fitness adventure or community!

Jessica Morris


Jessica Morris is a coach and nutritionist from Toronto. Her Instagram is full of delicious healthy meal ideas and great at-home and in the gym training tips. Why not follow someone who looks good and sets a great fitness example? Jessica specializes in nutrition, body composition and longevity and has a passion for nutrition from nature, fitness, and wellness… no wonder we love her! This boss babe is open about her challenges and triumphs to get where she is today and doesn’t hold anything back. We admire her courage and love the community she is building of strong, motivated women who are focusing on self love, natural wellness, and crushing their goals!

Check out her blog for some delicious nutritious recipes.

Inspired By Nick


As you know we are huge fans of food photography and pretty grids, and well… Nick’s grid is full of mouth-watering food images we can’t help but scroll. Nick Joly is a Toronto based lifestyle and wellness blogger dedicated to sharing healthy recipes, wellness tips, and holistic living for modern professionals. With an incredibly inspiring health journey, Nick has mastered the art of fueling your body with the food it needs without starving your sweet tooth. If you’re looking for some breakfast inspiration you NEED to check out Nick’s oat bowl recipes to start your morning with lots of energy and a full belly. Don’t even get us started on his delicious vegan treats! Check him out

Looking to connect and be a part of a community of like-minded individuals? We’d love to hear from you 😊

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