1 Year Anniversary: Social By Nature

Social by Nature 1 Year Anniversary

It’s been a busy humbling past few months for Social by Nature. We’ve added new clients to our diverse family including health foodies, sustainable fashion, personal trainer lady bosses, and innovative wellness products. Not to mention, we’ve added Crystal, an amazing photographer, to our powerhouse team!

Social by Nature women at Vegan Social Events

Crystal has a fiery personality, Top Chef quality cooking skills, an unprecedented natural eye for design, AND…she is just as passionate about vegan cheese boards as we are! With a brilliant roster of clients that contribute to our happiness, health, and environment combined with a rockstar team, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!

Rawcology Vegan Coconut Chips Pizza Food Photography

September 10th was a day for us to reflect, express gratitude for every opportunity, and plan for the future! It’s been a hectic ride with a lot of success that overshadows the fact that it’s been only a year since Mariah, the holistic design diva, took the leap of faith to turn her passion into a fulfilling career. I’m so thankful to work with Mariah, learn from her, and share my passion for health and wellness with the incredible opportunities Social by Nature has provided. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our community and are super excited to enter into our 2nd year and share the awesome things we have planned (stay tuned!!).

We feel so lucky to play a key role in helping brands communicate their stories and mission to inspire sustainable and healthier choices in our community and can’t wait to continue sharing our passion for this industry for years to come!

Speaking of an incredible community… We loaded our calendar this month with amazing events such as the Vegan Social, Veg Fest, and CHFA East in Toronto. These events reiterated how blessed we are to be a part of such a tight knit community and further proves that incredible things happen when you mix in a little passion. Walking the floor of these events surrounded by like-minded people with the same goals is an electric feeling. We are all out to change people’s lives, to help them be a healthier happier version of themselves.

One of the most rewarding takeaways from these events is making several new connections and having the opportunity to hear their stories from initial struggles to ‘I made it’ moments that brought them to the world of wellness. We also got to dig deeper at the CHFA East conference learning from other industry professionals on the growth of the health and wellness industry and the demand for content creation and online advertising, further convincing us we made the right choice!

We are eager to be a part of more success and growth stories for many years to come.

Besides the overwhelming amount of support from new connections we loaded our bags with samples and got to try and learn about some pretty kick-ass products! We can’t stop raving about them, so being the content creators, we are, we blogged about them! Check it out!

Healthy Crunch

Healthy Crunch Coconut Chips Pumpkin Pie Maple

Photo by Social by Nature

You probably know of Healthy Crunch from their delicious crunchy kale chips or at least seen their bright beautiful packaging at your local Starbucks. They’ve expanded their artisanal healthy snack line to include trail mix and coconut chips! Every bite packs a punch with unique flavours including; Matcha Moringa Latte, Garden Ranch, Golden Turmeric Latte, White Chocolate, and just in time for the Fall Season, Pumpkin Maple Pie.


Fire Cider

Fire Cider has launched in Canada! We didn’t know it was possible, but this brand has made gut health cool and edgy. Made with a base from certified organic garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, habanero peppers, oranges, lemon, and anti-inflammatory turmeric for a bit of zing. All of these powerful ingredients steeped in none other than… yup you guessed it… Apple Cider Vinegar. We were able to try all 3 flavours; original, honey-free, and African bronze and instantly fell in love. Side

Note: You can purchase them from none other than Social by Nature client Vitarock.