Top Health-Conscious Instagrammers to Follow in Toronto

I love everything about Toronto. I love its diversity, the food scene, the nightlife, the music, the sports teams (okay, actually just the basketball), and I LOVE its health community! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to surround myself (virtually, and in real life) with such inspiring people that have pushed me to become a healthier, fitter, and overall more balanced version of myself. Throughout my own health journey, I have recognized the importance of taking care of your body both inside and out. One of the things that I have appreciated about social media is the health-based community it has created to provide guidance and insight on whole body wellness, and the different paths you might take to get there. I am happy to share this group of Toronto-based ladies with you because not only will they give you inspiration when it comes to fitness, food, or wellness, but they will always keep it real with you. I believe that when referring to an ‘Influencer’ in the world of health and wellness that authenticity is of more importance than the amount of followers an account has, and I hope that you find that here!

1. Jordana Hart, @ihartnutrition

Jordana is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, fitness lover, traveler and blogger. Despite our differences in dietary choices, I have recently been appreciating her Instagram feed for her openness about enjoying everything in moderation, which is something that hits close to home for me. Throughout my own health journey, and learning what works for my body, I only found true happiness and whole body wellness when I stopped placing so many restrictions on myself and started living a balanced life. If you want honestly, this chick is for you!

2. Sarah Goldstein, @sarah_goldstein_nutrition

I love when nutritionists use their account to not only share what they're eating, but actually take the time to talk about why they're eating it. That's exactly what Sarah takes the time to do throughout her account! Sarah Goldstein is a CNP that focuses on individual + group coaching, workplace wellness, health workshops and more. You'll find all kinds of healthy recipe inspiration if you head over to her Instagram account, from turmeric lattes to spiralized veggie salads.

3. Jocelynne Flor, @jocelynneflor

If we're talking about keeping it real, this chick's feed is about as real as it gets. Aside from following Jocelynne's account solely for the aesthetic of her account, I always enjoy reading her posts and listening to her Instagram stories as she challenges her followers to join in on important wellness and self-care conversations.

4. Marlie Cohen, @kale_and_krunches

Marlie Cohen is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, spin instructor and personal trainer (you go girl!) based in Toronto. I discovered Marlie's account fairly recently, and have been loving her motivational page that focuses on fitness, nutrition, wellness and travel. Her blog,, offers a great variety of workout tips, nutritious recipes, healthy travel advice and product reviews!

5. Rachel Hunt, @glutenfreedominc

I became connected on Instagram with Rachel, aka the GF Queen, after a local influencer event that was held by Garden of Life. This girl does it all, as a gluten-free blogger at, podcast co-host at @gfgfpodcast, and digital marketer (and I'm probably missing something...). If you need some tips on going gluten-free, or some gluten-free recipe inspo, this Instagram account is for you!

6. Kelsey Reidl, @kelseyreidl