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Social media management

At Social by Nature, we pride ourselves on our passion and understanding of the online social landscape and the world of health and wellness.


Through thoughtfully designed content, professional photography, thorough social media strategies and platform management, we offer the tools you need to enhance your brand identity and achieve your marketing goals. 


The health and wellness industry is all about trust, authenticity and reliability. Luckily, no one understands that better than Social by Nature. Offering experience in graphic design, social media management, natural health product sales and holistic nutrition, we bring an invaluable understanding of how to successfully communicate your message and inspire viewers with a unique and personalized online presence that will influence lifestyle changes and healthier choices.


We can help captivate your audience to build brand awareness and deliver your message to establish a loyal, healthy client base. 



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Mariah specializes in all things creative for health and wellness businesses, from content development,

to social media strategies, graphic design and even recipe development. She originally studied Advanced

Graphic Design and worked with creative agencies for years in creative and marketing positions, including

the most sought-after advertising agency for thoughtful food and beverage companies, and one of North

America’s leading hospitality agencies.


After battling her own health issues, Mariah began to study nutrition and earned a certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. From there, she worked with industry leaders as a plant-based recipe developer, worked in natural health product sales for one of the fastest growing plant-based nutrition companies in Canada, and worked in Senior Brand Manager and Social Media Manager positions for health and wellness companies. Today, with a creative marketing background and certifications in nutrition, Mariah is able to create effective and meaningful social media content for her clients while sharing common goals and values. 

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